Who We Are

I was somewhat at a loss for a meaningful things to do when I retired in 2022.  As often happens, the answer was right in front of me if I would only recognize it.

In 2017, I bought my first 3D printer. It was just a little thing , it  couldn't make anything larger that about 4" in any direction.  Over time, I had expanded my capabilities with additional machines.  I  just enjoyed designing and printing "stuff".  With time, my home was overflowing with vases,  pots,  baskets,  planters,  gargoyles,  flexible frogs, snakes , dragons and about anything else that one can Imagine.  Finally, to keep peace in the family, I signed up for a table in a couple of local craft shows.  What a surprise was in store.  Children of all ages surrounded my sales table.  All the flexible items, dragons, snakes, frog, turtles were quickly sold.

After the second show the light went on, there were a lot of children in hospitals that could have their stay brightened by one of those popular "pets/toys".   Thus:  C-My3DPrints.com  was born.

We love 3D printing

to the left: Finishing up a "Rose Dragon" 3D print

3D printing can create movable parts of objects that are  difficult or impossible to create in any other way.   Empty spaces and voids can be created to fabricate hinges and other flexible joints in any 3D printed object. With the exception of a few toy/pets intended for very young children (our lop-ear bunny and the puppy), every other design printed has moving parts that are functional when the print is removed from the printer, there is no assembly required.

What we do

We print and donate small dragons,  snakes, dogs, rabbits and such to area hospitals for their young patients. We also make donations to other Charity  programs such as the United States Marine's "Toys for Tots"  and the Salvation Army's  local "Stuff the Sleigh"  efforts.  We are always open to investigate new donation areas.  Please contact us 

Hospital Donations

A child as enough stress in their lives  while undergoing medical treatments. Hopefully, one of our donated toy/pets will bring a little joy into their life.

Craft Shows

We usually have a table at two or three craft shows in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) area each year.  Your purchases from these shows, web store sales and my daughter's craft shop in Ohama, buy the materials (plastic filament and packaging materials) that support the hospital and other donations.

Our next show is March 2, 2024  at the Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Road in Maple Grove, MN.

Web Store

Here you will find those exotic larger dragons, snakes and such along with many smaller, inexpensive items.  Unfortunately, today's shipping costs can be higher than the purchase price of some of the inexpensive items.

With few exceptions. the cost of shipping is $10 or higher.  An incentive for purchasing additional items to be included in the order!

Hospital Donations

We use 4 different designs for the toy/pet donations to children in hospitals.  "Louise, the lop-eared bunny",  "Rascal the puppy",  "Orchard the dragon" and "Sam the serpent". They are free of sharp edges or points and very sturdy.  

We support 3D designers 

By financially supporting  designers, we are granted a commercial license to print and sell their designs.  We print their designs and others that are in the public domain. 

Currently two designers are financially supported every month,  "Flexi-Factory" and "Cinderwings".

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